Thursday, January 7, 2016

3 How to make a simple home space type 36

Examples of simple home space type 36Sebuah the House it certainly has some room. Rooms generally have different functions different from each other. The room on the minimalist houses require simple home space so that the home becomes more effective and efeisien. The narrow land pda minimalist house capable of termanfaatkan well and there are no blank spaces. In addition with a good home can be more elegant and interesting.
Simple Minimalist House Floorplan

Simple home space is very important to note. Because simple home which has the size of the required extensive effort to look elegant and modern. One of the things to look for in a simple home space is the color selection of paint and furniture. Mix and match colors paint the walls with a matching furniture colour capable of presenting an elegant impression. not only is it a neat and simple furniture if in tata lovingly displays a beautiful and wonderful impressions. Lighting is an element that cannot be overlooked in the space of a House.

Simple home space is in need of lighting elements. Lighting elements become important items in the room to organize a simple home. A space that has the proper lighting will be showing a more artistic and beautiful. If the dimmer room then it would seem suffocating and narrow so that the occupant of the House is not comfortable when you are in it.
Minimalist House Floorplan tips Type 36

Coming from a simple home, a minimalist House also requires a special space much less minimalist house type 36. Minimalist house with 36 type generally have a limited and not much variation. Spatial type 36 homes in the need to set up a small room. For the space on the minimalist House should note well factored lighting and air circulation in the room. The narrow House requires good lighting and ventilation air is enough so that it doesn't look narrow and suffocating.

Spatial type 36 homes in the settings of his room should pay attention to the use of the existing furniture in the room. The use of the existing furniture in the room of the House type 36 should note about the shape and size of the furniture. Please choose a model or a medium-sized furniture that adapts to the room that the furniture was placed. Use furniture that are minimalist or multifunctional furniture a lot on sale in the market. For the living area for example you could use a small sofa or sofa sets. So the more beautiful and elegant room, in addition to the given set of sofa also can add with similar minimalist wall hangings with the concept of the room. Mix and match colors and size composition of the furniture that is right at home type 36 will give rise to the impression of a home atmosphere, elegant and modern.

simple home space and home type 36 very in need of a home to make it look more elegant and charming. In addition a good spatial will also give rise to the impression of a comfortable and beautiful room.

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